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I prescribe laughter and music

Dave Chappelle’s Block Party will make you feel better.

Simple as that.

Today, after I walked to breakfast at Genie’s (a nice mushroom and scallion scramble) and looked at available models of combo TV/DVD players, I went to that film. Head bobbing commenced (for my fellow white people, just picture SNL’s “Lazy Sunday” video and you will know of both this head bobbing and this “rap” of which I speak…I kid, I kid). There’s music, joking, verbal dexterity (a big vocabulary helps you when rapping), good humor and a guy like Dave Chappelle who…I just want to hug the guy. I imagine lots of people want to, too.

And…oh my God, Chappelle actually made me laugh about the f’ing D.C. sniper. Yes, it is possible, not that I ever expected that.