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A little buzzed, full from a Beulahland burger plus chips, walking and bussing around Portland on a nice evening while watching lots of people walk lots of happy-looking dogs: that was a good way to end my work week.

Out-Of-Context Theater.

"...the worst advice you've ever gotten?"

"Bitches ain't shit."


Better ideas later, right?

Sometimes you won't manage to be funny.

Sometimes you won't think well.

Often you'll think better and maybe even, hey, be funny later.

I'm reminding myself. I just spent a while trying to be clever online and nothing was coming. Each idea for how to be funny was a reach: a reeeeeeeeeeach. Or too obvious. Oh, well. I've found that sweet spot of "surprising and funny" before; I'll do it again.


A good day off

A spring-ish day. It didn't seem like it would be at first, but by the afternoon the clouds broke enough to let sunlight and warmth into Portland and I appreciated that.

I saw two movies today: at home I watched Mel Brooks's 1993 film Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which was usually funny in a "heh" way instead of a big-laugh way. One of my favorite gags was also one of the most random, where Robin tells the Merry Men "lend me your ears" and the men tear off and throw their ears at him. "Disgusting," Robin says to himself. Mainly I saw it so I could get the DVD back to the library, which I stopped at on the way to the next movie, the fun and often affecting Captain Marvel. I went to the Laurelhurst for that, my first time there since the theater went back to being a first-run theater.

By the time I left the Laurelhurst, the day had turned sunny and warm, and I walked around in that, wandering Southeast Portland, getting an early dinner at the Hobnob Grille (which I'd gone to before on the recommendation of Jay Edidin and Miles Stokes of the podcast Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men, and I'd felt good enough about the place to come back. Cheesy grits!) then running errands (a bank ATM stop, dropping off things at the house where I live, then getting some groceries from the produce stand within walking distance of here) before settling back at the house, getting back from those errands to the happy news that the Portland Timbers had finally, finally, won a game this season.

Caught up in my life again!
My work week was an up-and-down one, but it happened and I'll get paid for it. (This is on my mind partly because my paycheck for the March 30th-April 12th pay period, where I worked 12 out of 14 days so two of those days were pure overtime, just got deposited last night. Without giving specifics, I passed a certain threshold with that paycheck. It's also the highest paycheck I've yet earned at this job and might be my largest ever that wasn't the check a place gave me after either I'd quit or they'd fired me and they needed to pay me for PTO owed.)

(Yes that's a long sentence. I don't care.)

The last three Fridays, normally a day off, I worked. This is my first Friday ALL TO MYSELF for a while, and I've needed it.

Last night was good, too. Once I finished one particular chore I'd put off (a cleaning chore that, honestly, I hadn't been in the mood to do because I've been tired, but I've done it) I treated myself to a brewery dinner. Within a reasonable walk of where I live is a new brew pub, Assembly Brewing. There I checked out the decor, and ate: a small pepperoni pizza cooked Detroit style (rectangular with an extra thick, crispy crust), chicken skewer appetizers, and an eight-ounce pale ale. All good. And, luckily, I was hella hungry and finished it all, though maybe next time I'll bring a box for any leftovers. (That would be a good habit.)

Plus last night, it was nice out. Niiiiiiiiiiice. Almost warmish compared to how it's been — winter-like weather held on in Portland a little longer than usual, this early spring — and good walking weather. Plus interesting-looking clouds, punctuating the sunset while not overwhelming the sunset. So that was another good reason to walk. That and to use some of the calories from dinner.

My Friday so far: finally visiting Space Monkey Coffee for the first time in a while, then taking a 10 bus out to Lents and walking around that neighborhood before taking a 14 bus back. I went past both sites in that neighborhood where the Belmont Goats used to live. The most recent site, at SE 92nd and Harold, is reverting back to how it used to look: the only signs that the goats once lived there are a couple of patches where the main shelter, a shed, and a smaller shelter used to be, and those will probably recover soon. (You definitely can't see what the site was used for up until about five years ago: a softball field with a small, now-demolished building. I discovered that once via an old Google Maps satellite image.) The other Lents site the goats used to live at, SE 91st between Foster and Reedway, has been developed. A new building covers the entirety of it. Progress sometimes looks weird, but it happens.

Since then, I've relaxed. And done laundry. You know more now.
Sometimes I wonder if I should point out to some of the people I know that they seem to, often, miss the point of what I say.

Certain friends seem to get the 180-degrees different interpretation of what I think is pretty clear.

Certain friends seem to respond to what they wanted me to say instead of what I actually said.

Certain friends (in particular, someone I follow on Facebook) seem to respond to me in ways that suggest they didn't really read what I'd written, like they'd responded just to respond.

Seem to. Seem to. I wonder if I'm imagining things. I also wonder if I'd bother these friends of mine if I directly pointed out to them how I felt.

(A more specific for-instance. One time another person posted a completely out-of-left-field comment to my Facebook wall that really, immediately, bothered me. It had nothing to do with what I'd posted, and asked a question I really, really don't like answering, one of those "none of your f'ing business" questions. (They'd once done this to me in person, really fixating on a seeming need for them to know an answer, and I'd had to work hard not to respond in a really smartassed, mean way.) I told them "Please remove that comment. I don't want it on my page." They got defensive. They tried to explain why they'd posted it and almost immediately contradicted themselves, saying "I did it because of [x]" then saying "I did it because of [z]." Maybe I should have responded more gently at first, saying "Why did you post that? I don't want to answer it and I don't feel it's appropriate," but I wanted their comment gone. It was my honest reaction, and sometimes people get bothered and defensive over honest reactions. Their frequent response is You overreacted! I didn't mean anything! But I like what Harlan Ellison once said: it's a reaction, and it's only called an "overreaction" because the person being reacted to didn't like it and wanted to shame you for reacting. This person and I don't talk much anymore, but I still about these interactions and wonder about them.)

Do I point it out when it happens? Am I bring a bad friend if I do? Am I being dishonest if I don't? At the moment I don't have answers to this.

But I've written this entry perhaps as an aid to helping me at least think about it.

A case of the Me-No-Wannas

I've been tired. I've been avoiding sone work I'd needed to do. (I could say I've been "avoid-y!") Bad combo; it meant I kept putting off that needed work. Earlier this week, that work included finishing and mailing my taxes; at least that got done. Today, after work, when I was pretty wrung out from the end of what's been an extra-busy time at work (with lots of overtime, including working part if all of the past three Fridays), I got back to the house, rested a bit, then chugged a soda and ate popcorn and got going on a cleaning job I'd needed to do.

That cleaning job is, um, partly done. It does make sense to finish it tomorrow. Okay, it's written, that means I can't avoid it without being (and looking like) a jerk.

There. Maybe I'm now a little more honest.

The pleasure of ice water

I have a nice tumbler that I take to work. Depending on the day and/or the time of day, it's filled with either water or coffee. It being both Portland and an airport, there are plenty of coffee options, including a few mug-refill options. (Not the in-airport convenience store that has just a Keurig machine, because I find Keurig cups wasteful and don't use them. Though I'm tempted, because that store has drinking broth.)

But here's what I hadn't done so far at this job: had ice water. I haven't wanted to, because my part of the world's been, until fairly recently, cold. But! Now it's occasionally warmish. And I'm fond of ice water. It can be very satisfying. So, today I finally got around to going to one of the restaurants on this side of airport security (Panda Express; I wanted a fairly cheap lunch) and asked "Can I get this filled with ice?"

Now to see where else in PDX I can get the ice I crave...)

(Using my one food-related icon even though ice water is not calories, technically not flavored, and not food.)

I should have done this entry in 2014...

...because the Hozier song "Take Me to Church" could have inspired LJ moods and locations.

A lot going on here

The casino fight in the 2018 movie Black Panther, with director and co-writer Ryan Coogler explaining symbolism, shot choices, and more, including how a camera moved on a wire up from the main level to the balcony so a cameraman could grab it and continue the shot, all seamlessly.

Star Wars: Episode IX: Now titled. Footage of Episode IX: Now out, at least that two-minute teaser.

I have a lot of hopeful feelings due to that teaser.

(And I'm again impressed with how well Lucasfilm keeps its cards close to the vest: the title didn't leak, images didn't get out, and a Major Revelation that the teaser reveals had only been hinted at through rumors: and remember there'd been rumors that Jar-Jar Binks would be in The Last Jedi, so rumors here are definitely not necessarily reliable.)

I don't know enough to say much. That's by design: I want to be surprised by this movie, as much as possible. (I managed not to learn too much about any of the recent Star Wars films before seeing them.) I'm kind of thinking around the film: were there ever earlier plans to bring Billy Dee Williams's Lando back in this trilogy before now? Is that desert on a planet we've seen before? Exactly how did they build Leia's part in this around the footage they had of Carrie Fisher from before? How much if any of the Episode IX ideas Colin Trevorrow worked on made it into the final film?

But again, my main feeling is, aptly, hope. The people who make Star Wars really, truly want to stick this landing and end this part of Star Wars in a way that honors the series's weird, wonderful legacy, and also sets up where Star Wars goes from here.

The Phantom Menace. Attack of the Clones. Revenge of the Sith. A New Hope. The Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi. The Force Awakens. The Last Jedi. The Rise of Skywalker. Today is the first day we can list every numbered episode title. The galaxy far, far away can still, I'm glad to say, surprise us.


Hello, I must be sleeping

Like the last two Fridays, this Friday I'll do an extra work shift. Starting early. No, earlier than that. (To be slightly clearer, "as soon as possible in the morning" describes my start time.)

Time to sleep. Two alarms are set. I hope they're loud and obnoxious enough.

Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

I'm still here.

Sometimes, that's the best you can say.

Out-Of-Context Theater.

"What do I write here?" "Add a silent q."

Frustration in a dream

In last night's dream, a group wanted me to join them, for magical reasons. Really magic: it was a group that wanted to preserve and protect magic in the world, and felt that I could help.

(Not sure if it's a needed detail, but the group that was recruiting me was the Librarians of the fun fantasy-adventure show The Librarians. I recently watched its second season and I'll soon borrow the third season. Before that I'd watched the first season and had taken time to warm up to it, until I accepted that it was never meant to be a continuation of the same showrunners' previous show Leverage, which at some level I think I'd expected.)

In my dream, I was excited. I eagerly did what the group asked, and realized the meaning of what they were asking. I could join them, and then be a part of helping the world. I could.

I did the actions the group wanted, to show that I meant to work with them, that I'd be good at it, and that I believed in their mission. I finished knowing I'd be joining them.

And then, as the dream continued, I met the representative from the group again, talking to me again, and I realized: time had somehow reset, and all the recruiting and actions had no longer happened, and the group was recruiting me from scratch as if they hadn't already hired me. And in my dream I tried to remember all that I had done to convince them the first time I'd be a good fit.

I think I'm glad I didn't have this dream while I was hunting for a real-life job.


Naps happen


They can be nice.

They can be needed.

Apparently I needed a nap tonight. 'cause I napped.


Um, good night, people!

From the past, looking sly

I met this goal I had for today, my one day off this week: eat meat at My Father's Place, a friendly dive bar/diner in Portland's Central Eastside. The meat was a prime rib special plus eggs over easy and O'Brien hash browns, and coffee. This all hit the spot.

So did the vintage, tinted photo that is above the booth where I ate. Look at her, looking over her shoulder and smiling. There's a story to this image; imagine a nice one. And appreciate her cuteness.

Presenting my latest 1% joke

"Correct me, it sickens me!" — masochist William Shatner

This is a test.

This is a test of the Chris Walsh Blogging System.

This only a test.

...hi. I don't really have much to say tonight.