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“This is Capt. James T. Kirk of the Federation Starsh—” *boooom*

I got thinking of 1994’s Star Trek: Generations, enough to dig up the film’s trailer. It makes the movie feel small, which it honestly is. I’ve heard the DVD commentary by writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga, where they talked about the many masters the movie had to serve, so to speak, and they agreed it didn’t quite work. (They took the job writing what became Star Trek: First Contact in an attempt to do better; feeling they’d done so, they turned down writing the ninth Trek film. I had thoughts on that ninth one, by the way…)

Here’s the trailer. I have reasons to share it.

Think the filmmakers wanted to reveal that William Shatner as Capt. James T. Kirk was back? The news had leaked beforehand, like how a few years before people learned of the twist in Terminator 2 (and thought it meant the film would be family-friendly and PG-13), so the marketing leaned into it, but I still wonder how they could have sold Generations without revealing that.

Maybe not mention Kirk at all? Possible; he’s not in much of the film, by design, but he’s a major, important character. And without showing him, the ads would have the same issue the final trailer had, of the story not seeming big or momentous enough.

The best I can think of is show the early scene of the destructive energy wave causing havoc, as a flashback: cut between Lt. Cmdr. Data saying the wave damages or destroys vessels and the trapped vessels being destroyed and the Enterprise-B being buffeted, much as this trailer does, then go to the shot elsewhere in the film (not in this trailer) of Cmdr. Riker saying “that was the mission where James Kirk was killed.” Then cut to a shot of Shatner on the Enterprise-B bridge. Suggest this energy wave was so powerful it even stopped Kirk. Though then you have the “Chekhov’s Gun” problem (I know; different Chekhov), because if you bring up Kirk, why would he only appear in that early scene? Dramatically it may suggest a missed payoff. But it may have worked. May have. (Marketing can be difficult.)

I wish Star Trek: Generations had been better.
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Video. Talking on camera. I…I haven’t used it much; I haven’t done it much.

I decided to change that. Now that my new tablet has enough ability to actually get on more sites, I’ve joined Instagram.

I’m at

And I’ve been having fun with it since setting up my account on Wednesday.

Not much else to report otherwise, which was part of why I didn’t blog for a week. But. I’m still here, and now, I’m also elsewhere.
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Poem poem poem

Talking Around It
by Christopher Walsh, 9/28/2021

This line has subtext.
This one does, too.
Ideas unspoken
All permeate through.
What? You don’t see them?
Someone does. You know who?
Okay, it’s me.
———————…this is unfair to you.
I could tell you more —
Info, tone, they give clues —
Showing just enough context,
In which meaning can brew.
But this time, this day,
The deep thoughts don’t accrue.
Still: this line has subtext.
This one does, too.

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Feeling slow.

But hey, I just figured out how to do justified layout like that, so I can learn, if slowly. See ya another time…
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It works!

Since New Year’s Weekend 2012-2013, I’ve had an iPad.

Since a little after 11:00 a.m. today, I’ve had a new iPad.

It’s faster and can do more and can hold more, I mean multiples more info than my old tablet could, and everything successfully transferred from my old tablet to my new one; thank you for doing what you should, piece of technology! I’m honestly relieved; I was concerned something might go wrong. I seriously was worried, since I’m not the most technologically inclined person.

This new tablet improves my access to the world, and I’m glad.