Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

If you're spider-phobic, you may not want to read this, but

I like spiders. I don't flinch about least if they're under a certain size. (Size of my hand and up, then I start to get twitchy.) Anyway. Spiders.

Today I rescued one.

I'll count that as a good deed. I picked her up and got her away from someone who went all "A SPIDER A SPIDER!" and was flinching away from said spider. Spider was safe, spider-phobic person was safe, I was safe (spider-phobic person didn't hit me for not killing the spider, either!), all was good.

Which reminds me: a few weekends ago, my 9-year-old relative Markus tried to freak me out by putting a spring-loaded fake spider on my shoulder. (You squeeze a bladder and it hops.) I not only didn't freak out, I was saying, "Um, is there something alive on me?" and being careful how I moved in case that were so.

I've also had a long, long snake (I forget which species, but obviously not a poisonous one) around my shoulders, so I don't freak out about snakes, either. Hey, I need some superpowers...

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