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I was STYLIN'.

This happened because I had no clean white socks.

White socks are what are most often on my feet. Every pair needed washing. I needed to go out and get groceries today. I had dark dress socks. I got those on, then decent-looking dark pants, my nice button-down black-paisley shirt, then hard shoes, which I only rarely wear, and then -- the piece de resistance -- a black hat. Yes, I have a hat. Got it at this.

I think I actually cut quite a dashing figure. I also think I rarely use phrases like "cut quite a dashing figure." Thus dressed, I ran my errands (went to the library, first, so 'round, 'round, got around, I got around), got my groceries, and carried them home, all while thus dressed. I liked how I looked.

Sadly, no photo proof exists. (I also wasn't pulled off the street by any women who saw me like that and thought MUST HAVE like in an Axe commercial, either. Had that happened, I probably would've told you. Probably.) But you trust me, right? Oh, also I Tweeted... about... it. (No, I'm not sure why I started pausing like Shatner there. Oh, yeah, I was making it clear those were three links in a row, not one long one. I have, like, reasons and stuff for, well, stuff.)
Tags: peregrinations

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