Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Parent-participatory peregrinations

Mom and Dad took me and Aunt Nancy Weare to lunch today. And to a park. And to neighborhoods we used to live in.

Aunt Nancy, part of the Guam contingent of my family, is staying with my folks until a few days from now when she flies back home, and their day was free and so was mine so we decided to hook up. I'm not going to pass up food someone else is paying for. We went to the Laughing Planet up on Mississippi, and delighted in gazpacho, quesadillas and a blackberry lemonade so thick it was practically a smoothie. The meal was filling like whoa.

"Thank you for being willing to go to my kind of place," I told them. The area's a little more pierced-and-tatted than any of them are used to, but that's my crowd. (I'm a Goddamn Filthy Hippie in certain ways. At least Cartman would call me that.)

On my recommendation, we then drove farther and stopped at Cathedral Park under the St. Johns Bridge. Mom had tried visiting there once, and somehow wound up closer to the Columbia than the Willamette (the river the bridge actually crosses); I figured this was a good time to rectify that. We saw these young guys climing on one of the bridge's supports, which had long gaps that could be used as handholds, but we didn't watch that too long because it was disconcerting. We went on a floating walkway and almost got splashed by a wave from a boat passing it.

They took me home through neighborhoods they and other family members had grown up in; we also went past Concordia, which is an increasingly big-deal school (once a college, now a university) in the neighborhood where all three of them grew up. We went down one partly-closed street lined with houses that have been lifted off of their foundations so they can be moved (replanted!) elsewhere, and the school can develop those blocks in other ways. We also saw several former family houses.

Perfect weather for all of this, too: wisps of clouds, some breeze on the water, temps about 80. Comfortable, though I should've worn a hat. I was good at ducking into shade, like I always am. I don't quite have Gothic pallor, but I'd still prefer not to burn.

This has been a good day. Let's keep that up!
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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