Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Contact Embarrassment

Seventeen years on*, I must still be a soap opera watcher at heart. Someone's link about an embarrassing moment on The Young and the Restless inspired a dream last night.

See, last night before bed I wound up seeing this, and just the stills of the actor going totally batcrap were eye-widening. (apocalypsos had linked to it and said "The guy playing Paul doesn't get a lot of juicy storylines. You can tell.")

Later I went to bed, and then slept, and then dreamt, as these things usually go, and my dream-self runs into the same actor preparing for his scene (and flexing his index finger like Harrison Ford must do), only it's a location shoot in a forest and he's preparing to have the same level of reaction to a spider spinning a web. And I know how badly the scene's going to go, and I want to get away from the contact embarassment, and I can't frickin' get away from the guy. At least not for a while.

I even realized in-dream what had inspired that dream. I'm usually pretty aware in my dreams.

* I watched some Guiding Light in the mid-80s and then got into All My Children for a while in 1992. I've also watched plenty of prime-time soaps like L.A. Law. There. I've shown my soap-opera bonafides.
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