Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Darting and jumping

Round, round, get around...I've gotten around. (Man, sometimes grammar is HELL on lyrics.)

Out and about is what I've been the last two days, thanks to buses and my boots. (I'm in the mood to wear boots. I'm not sure why.) These travels have led me to such places as...

...The Jantzen Beach Supercenter, for its autograph-and-photograph session with Peter Facinelli, one of the actors from the Twilight films. And as a gift to a good friend of mine (who squeed when getting it, this is true, and this is good), I got an autographed photo from him. I like getting autographs for other people more than I do getting them for me -- I'm not an autograph hound -- and the fee I paid also benefits Doernbecher Children's Hospital, so that's something else good. I told Facinelli in the brief time we had "Thank you for doing this. Doernbecher's a good place."

I know that Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts was at the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) thing at the Rose Garden yesterday; it's safe to say I was around more estrogen then than Bobby was.

I took a long way home, entirely by foot in fact, through downtown and across the somewhat forbidding Morrison Bridge (argh: basically a freeway bridge into and out of downtown Portland, so you have to be on your toes: people and dogs on foot have been killed on that bridge, and drivers have driven off of it). As always, I like that Portland's conducive to long walks. Plus I missed one bus home by three minutes, and it was quicker to walk the rest of the way.

By the way, I have finally eaten my first meal at Kenny & Zuke's, a newish Jewish deli downtown (and recommended by both Tara Dublin and Fatboy, both of whom I trust when it comes to food), and I am already looking forward to my second meal there. I wanted to go back today, in fact, for (what I hear is) proper matzoh ball soup. Yeah, I liked the place (and have the other half of my pastrami on rye waiting for me in the fridge at home).

I've done more traveling today: back to downtown, to the revamped Portland Saturday Market, Cameron's Books (where I found used copies of kradical's Dragon Precinct and the first book of David Gerrold's War Against the Chtorr series), and now the downtown library where I'm writing this.

I've been doing good things this weekend.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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