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You think I have no common sense, and you don't recognize a fax?

Here's work venting. You can probably tell I'm not enjoying my current temp assignment at the office of a dog show company (yep, I've not fallen in love with the dog show business), though I'm sticking it out as best I can because this is finite. Other, better jobs will happen.

The problems have been because the co-worker I must work with the most and the closest in this office thinks I'm an idiot, an incompetent, and a liar. (I'm declaring "incompetent" a noun this time for flow purposes. You don't have to like that.) She also gets annoyed easily. Today I was up from my desk running small errands and saw a fax waiting in the machine. As usual, I grabbed it, checked it to see if it was for me -- it wasn't -- and put it in her inbox. By the time I was back at my desk -- by the way, all of this is in the same room and every thing I've mentioned is visible from where we're sitting -- she was looking at the faxes. She said, "What the hell is this?" I wasn't intentionally playing dumb when I said "I don't know." "Did Oklahoma [the main office] send this?" "Um, I could ask." "Where did this come from?"

I didn't realize what she was asking. I stumbled over my tongue.

"Where, did, this, physically, come, from?" she said. With an edge.

The obviousness dawned. "The fax," I said.

That ended the conversation. But she glared.

I resisted joking; the others in this office do NOT get my sense of humor. I resisted, for instance, saying From my magic ass fax. I momentarily didn't know how to answer because WASN'T IT OBVIOUS IT WAS A FAX? With the little text and "Page XX of XY" notes at the top of each page? Where else would it have come from in this room: the printer right next to her desk that hadn't printed anything for a while? Phantom mail? The fridge? The john? Seriously, ma'am, you think I have no common sense and you can't recognize a fax? After how many years' office work? All I knew was: Fax. Not for me. She's the only other person in the office right now, so I'll give it to her. And got glared at and spoken to with an edge because of that.

This is me shaking my head. Virtually, 'cause doing it in the office would've been bad. It honestly hadn't occurred to me that she'd think it could have any other origin than the fax. And I'm the dumb one?

Ma'am, I'm now even more glad I'm not you.

This too shall pass...this too shall pass...
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