Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Swayze, BEEPs, work, and weather

* First, Rest in peace, good guy and good performer Patrick Swayze. As said by Eric D. Snider, "I like to think Swayze & Farley are doing the Chippendales sketch in heaven."

I'm remembering this radio appearance Swayze did on Don & Mike's morning show, after Dirty Dancing became a hit, and he fell asleep at the radio station right before going on the air. He woke up in time. His first words on the show: "Gooooood morning. I guess it's morning." He then managed to be funny and charming even when exhausted.

* A radio ad's making me flash on my call center experience. A guy calling a medical company's help line doesn't get that he's reached a live operator, and he's acting as if she's a machine. He presses buttons on his phone. People did that to me at my call center job. THAT IS LOUD. That still grinds me. I'd ask them, "What is your card number?" and they'd BEEP BEEP BEEP it into my ear. I resisted asking them "Is that 'beep beep beep' or 'beep beep beep'?" They wouldn't have gotten it.

* Today at work (my first day back since Thursday, as I got sick Friday morning) was manageable. I hope I can start describing my work with better words than "manageable."

* Today's Portland weather: a summer-fall tug-of-war. It was fall-ish this morning (almost misting). It was niiiiiice.
Tags: portland, radio, work

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