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It's not my job to say "It's not my job"

There's no way to say "That's not my problem" which doesn't sound snide, is there? At least to the person hearing it?

But sometimes on my current job and many others, that's the answer. I try not to be blunt about it, but it's there. The temp has not the access or clout to take care of certain things. Case in point: someone trying to use the company website today to enter dogs into a show and not doing it. Said person could not do it after pointedly not reading the notice on Page 1 of the entry form saying (in bold) "Important Notice - Please Read," followed by notes that are -- guess what! -- important. But her not reading the key info there? Apparently my fault. Whatever.

In MUCH nicer work news, I'm helping to straighten out a customer's problem. Several companies put on dog shows. I'm temping for one of them. Yesterday we got entries, for a show with its entry deadline tomorrow, for a show run by another one. Several phone calls and one e-mail (so far) later, we're sorting it out, and I have a very happy customer. She thanked me for helping it get this close to being solved. And remember, I'm doing this for someone who's not actually a customer of this company's, at least at this moment.

I definitely didn't want to say "That isn't my job." And, thank goodness, I didn't have to.
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