Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I already know who I DON'T want to win the million dollars

Survivor can be a compelling show. I've also decided that there should be a category of pretty called "Survivor Pretty." Or maybe "Survivor Hot" is a better way to put it.

That said, I think I'll beg off watching Survivor: Samoa. Sometimes the dysfunction can be compelling, like last year's Survivor: Gabon could be; sometimes it's maddening, like last year's Survivor: Gabon could be. And the guy the show is pushing as "Survivor's biggest villain ever!" looks to be a REALLY poisonous person. Early sign: him lying through his teeth about (docbrite, avert your eyes) being in New Orleans when the levees failed, as a Johnny Fairplay-style ploy to get sympathy. He was shown doing other manipulative crap in last night's premiere, and relishing doing it. He has the potential to drive me nuts. And the promo for next week's show has host Jeff Probst yelling for someone to get out of a challenge: it's one of the rare tines I've seen Probst get genuinely angry.

In other words, this season has the potential to get ugly VERY quickly, and I'm not sure I really want to watch that. "Survivor Hot" aside.
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