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Succeeded in donating blood today, and fast, too: took 5 minutes to draw, beating my previous record of 6 minutes and well below the usual 10 minutes. (My longest draw ever was 16 minutes, and at that point we just gave up. If you donate less than a pint of blood, it can still be used for research, but my full pint can be used by up to three people via transfusion, plus the research purposes. There. You know more now.)

I had a good walk getting there, too: left extra early and walked to the #4 bus line, which I can ride all the way from near my neighborhood to the donation site. It's slightly indirect (the line goes through downtown) but I didn't have to transfer. Convenient.

My treat-meal was at Genie's Cafe, which I've been meaning to go back to. I've eaten half of my lunch and have the other lunch in a box waiting for further eaterage. (It's country-fried steak, by the way. It's been too long since I've eaten anything with sausage gravy.) So I'm well-walked, well-fed, and, I'll add, well-read: people at both the Red Cross and Genie's asked me about C.S. Lewis, because I was reading The Screwtape Letters.
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