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First-draft attempted poetry

Whirls within whirls:
Spinning amongst spinning amongst stillmore spinning
The limbs linked by finger grip, or arched and pulled outward (centrifugal force)
Clomps, squeaks, slams, slides of myriad feet,
either beating or caressing the floor
As if gravity were taking brief breaks, or resting itself;
The bodies in a crush, or in controlled falls before being caught, and pulled back,
As if each dancer's
personal gravity asserted itself, pulled more strongly
To that dancer's partner.
Dance: a force.

This...this came about from my desire to bring more imagery to my journal tonight. It is about as close as I let myself get to the first draft of a poem; usually I wait to share poems until they're a little more considered, but at times, letting it flow: this helps.

I want and need to write more poetry.

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