Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Now this is my kind of vote

Local Election Day is next week. I have not yet decided how I’m voting, but I have voting guides and other materials (and am NOT paying attention to the ads! That way lies madness, I tells you! Madness! Distortions! Brain-pain at thinking nasty political ads actually work with many people!) and will turn my ponderings toward local and state government in the next few days.

Meanwhile, I filled out a comic strip poll. Cutting-edge news-worthiness, eh?

The Oregonian’s been test-running six new strips, and is now asking readers which one they’d like to take the just-under-the-crossword slot. I’ve responded to the possible new ones with, generally, “Meh” and “Huh?” and “Um…no. And ewwww.” Except for one, which now has my vote because it immediately grabbed me, and made me think “Hey; I wanna see where this goes.”

I’m really picky about comics. This vote made me decide to count how many of the, let’s see, 33 comics the Oregonian runs that I actually read, and I’ve just added one (Pearls Before Swine) to get a grand total of nine: Rose Is Rose, Dilbert, Zits, For Better Or For Worse, Foxtrot, Luann, Non Sequitur, Get Fuzzy and Pearls. Some of the others I glance at occasionally; some I avoid completely; a few are abandoned after I decided “Well, that’s gotten really one-note” (cf. Adam). I’d go to two digits IF…if… (say that like Ricardo Montalban in Wrath of Khan, why don’t ya?)…the strip I liked gets the most supporters.

See this as general putting-out-good-vibes-about-a-comic-strip-of-all-things sort of deal. But because I think voting should be a deeply private thing, I won’t say which I voted for. Yet. (Well aren’t I the frickin’ Master O’ Suspense?)
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