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Boosting the signal

A way to help my friend faithhopetricks and her husband T:

care_faith_hope is an auction to raise funds to help pay for T's emergency heart surgery (in his early 40s, which is a cross I have trouble imagining bearing) and faithhopetricks's assortment of health issues.

Plenty of items are there (more to come), bids are starting to come in, and both of them are good people who FRICKIN' DESERVE A FRICKIN' BREAK 'CAUSE REALLY, IT'S LIKE IT'S BEEN RAINING ISSUES FOR THEM.

Let's repeat this big:
care_faith_hope. To help!

Best of the good luck, faithhopetricks and T.

ETA: Per request by s00j, I've reposted to saveours00j:

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