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Polanski and rape. (With profanity.)

Can rape end? Can people get un-fucked-in-the-head enough not to rape anymore in the first place? I have to hope this can happen.

This whole subject hurts to think about, and I'm not someone who's been raped. I haven't committed rape, and hope I never do (counting on my future self not to be awful). I have friends who've been raped; that's my closest connection. And that's, apparently, close enough to make me know in my bones how awful rape is. I've had good teachers.

The news is making me think for probably the first time in my life just how truly, deeply skeevy and messed-up this case was from the start. Probably thinking about it, really thinking about it, should hurt. (And that may be partly why, when I heard one case of out-and-out schaudenfreude over Polanski's arrest, I got angry. NOTHING ABOUT THIS SHOULD FEEL GOOD.) It all stems from a man using a position of privilege to force himself on a woman girl*. And it was force. And she did resist, through the impairment of champagne and half a Quaalude. And he didn't stop.

Rape can end. I have to think and believe that that's a possibility. Rape caused this sad, sick story. Imagine the weight off our minds if rape hadn't happened, and because of that hadn't caused this story, or the (far, far too many) other cases of hurt and damage that exist because of rape.

Rape can end. Hold that in your head. Make it a mantra, if needed.

Rape can end.

(Originally written here in this post by shadesong.)

* 10/01/2009 Edit: I originally wrote "woman," and someone rightly replied on shadesong's journal that Polanski raped a 13-year-old: thus, a girl. In my attempt to speak more broadly, to write a phrase that could apply to many rapes, I made it seem like I didn't know, or didn't care about, her age. I did not mean that, and trust me I've long known how young she was.
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