Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Why do I want to use the subject line "Fire engines are always Russian"?

Maybe because my tired mind -- bed soon, please, Chris -- is being random while being tired. Or is dredging up stuff.

Here's something both good and non-random: tonight I spoke on the phone with the in-hospital blubeagle. We had a gentle conversation, because she sounded like she needed one. She's tired. She begged off a longer call because, understandably, she didn't want to fall asleep while on the phone.

Now I'm wishing I could've tucked her more snugly into bed. Hard to do, as we've two full time zones between us. Maybe I can pretend to tuck someone in...

Y'know what I said about an early night? I still like the sound of that. Good night, y'all. Something more substantial will be posted some other time! Maybe by me!

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