Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Go ahead. Make my millennium.

A slice of 1988's coming to the Bagdad tomorrow! The KUFO/Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie for October (the month we're in now) is Beetlejuice. Friday, Oct. 2nd, 21 and older 'cause of the whole "it's a bar" thing, doors at 10 p.m., clips at 11 (Fatboy has promised something very Saturday-morning-cartoon in spirit), the film right after.

There'll even be guests! Baron Von Goolo of Baron Von Goolo's Museum of Horrors will be there in a costume befitting the flick.

Feeling Halloween-ish? This is a good screening to go to!

I actually burned out on the film in the early Nineties because I watched it maybe a few too many times on video (I did see it in the theater back in the day), but I've avoided it long enough that it'll seem fresh again. Plus I'll be watching it in big-screen glory amongst a few hundred fellow geeks, so this will be fun.

So. Beetlejuice. A film that almost didn't star Michael Keaton (he wasn't cast until well into production). A film where Winona Ryder (as Lydia) was just on the verge of transitioning from Cute to Hot. An early sign of Funny Alec Baldwin. A source of crushes on Geena Davis. What Danny Elfman in 1990 called "the most pure fun I've had writing a score." An early sign that Tim Burton was not just a kids' film director, because really, there's plenty of disturbing stuff in this flick. (The makers of the later Saturday morning cartoon version took pains to make Beetlejuice less creepy towards Lydia the Goth daughter.)

P.S. Random-ass trivia: the Zagnut bar still exists. I'd probably never heard of Zagnut until Beetlejuice caught the fly with that one...

...oh no, I said his name three times! *is rocked by demon eruptions*

'ey. You there. There was this messy-haired guy typin' here just now, so this must be something important. Mentions me, right? Hold on. Let me stretch. There. Stretched. Crap, it's crowded down there right now. Ya sent all these famous people. Lot of them were tryin' to cut in line. YA KNOW HOW ANNOYING THAT IS WHEN YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR TWO DECADES?! They have the frickin' NOW SERVING sign for a reason. I grabbed some ticket for # 6,491,534,704,245 off that floor and threw it at someone and ran, 'cause, really, only so much crap a demon can take. Earth's more fun anyway. Anyway. Hi. See ya. Heard that Lydia grew up really hot so I'm gonna

Uh. Ow. What happened? *re-reads blog entry* Oh, crap. Sorry. REALLY sorry.

Anyway. That film. You know. THAT one. No, I'm not saying the title again!
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