Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"They should've sent a poet..."

I wonder how it would work if a Survivor contestant was a writer.

Wouldn't be me. I'd be a lousy Survivor player. Overly trusting and ingenuous (though I'd like to think that if I were hearing Russ's flat-out lies that he'd lived through Hurricane Katrina and the failure of the federal levees, I'd ask the questions that would've blown holes in his story), I'm no strategist, and both my outdoor skills and my upper body strength are currently lacking. I haven't camped since 1997. Camped a lot in the Eighties, but in much more civilized circumstances than on this show.

But from the start, I've felt there's a book to be written about this experience: cast and crew off in these staggeringly beautiful locales, all these people who are various distances out of their comfort zone dealing with all of these other people also various distances out of their comfort zone, which is where much of the drama comes from. Personality collisions in amazing corners of the world, amidst flora and fauna getting on with existence as they always have.

Might have to be special accommodation. Not a contestant, but an observer behind the cameras. This is partly because I doubt a lot of Survivor contestants would have much patience for one of their own always taking notes (and what would the writer take notes on? You're not allowed many supplies on this show). It might be a distraction. How long a contestant lasts would be another issue: what if the writer's voted off on Day 3 or 6? Could they stick around and just watch?

By the way, I wonder how long each person voted off stays at the production. Are the people who are voted off before the jury forms sent straight home? Are they sent home once a week in a small group? The logistics of this show, I imagine, would also be really interesting to observe: this is a well-oiled machine by now, ten years (!) into going to two far-flung corners of the world each year, throwing a mix of people into each corner of the world that the production uses, and seeing what happens.

Maybe a contestant could be taking mental notes, and recollect things later in writing. My point is, this experience is worth writing about. There have been enough poetic moments on Survivor to make me want more of them. (Even wordless poetry, like the lonnnnnng pause host Jeff Probst held after a contestant spoke at a Tribal Council. I never saw that, only read about it; I wish I'd seen that. Silence on television: a powerful, uncomfortable thing.)

So. Is there a writer out there (perhaps even a decently-well-known one) who's also a Survivor fan? Someone willing and able to join the production and watch what happens? Make a book out of it?

I half-watched last night (was on the phone for part of it). This cast remains surprisingly hilarious; I laughed out loud more than once ("Oh, I'm such a rebel 'til they splash me in the face!"). And the vote-off was (no spoiler) especially satisfying. Or is even that a spoiler?
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