Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

This is popfiend's fault:

Your Livejournal Crime Family!

eustaciavye is da' boss. Had to wrest control of the family from tanuki_green!

mlion is the underboss. mlion manages the waste management division along with the help of celticfeministw.

mnfiddledragon is the consiglieri as well as the manager of the strip club. theloriest is the premiere exotic dancer!

dr_clive_owen is the capo who keeps flying off the handle and attracts too much attention, especially when dr_clive_owen tried to beat up capo slipjig with a horse!

chefcdb is also a capo, though is wired for sound!

elionwyr is also a capo, though is currently MIA. greygirlbeast still claims no knowledge of elionwyr's whereabouts, despite suspicions by FBI agent kradical!

mspurrmeow is a soldier who's still teed off about being passed over for promotion. tigerstriped86 got the capo instead!

Soldier robyn_ma suspects capo leonardpart6 of being a rat, but can't say anything. Little do they know the rat's the mob accountant firesign10!

ixzist is the dogged FBI agent who won't give up! ixzist has sent in cleolinda to go undercover as a dancer at the club!

sageautumn is the naive financial advisor who would turn green if sageautumn found out where capo greyduck really got the money!

Your Livejournal Crime Family!
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