Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I fucking love Kevin Smith.

Like for how he supports a cause. Via his Twitter:

ThatKevinSmith Gents: like spraying it all over her rack? U won't be able to if we let the cancer win, so PONY-UP, TITTY-FUCKERS!

ThatKevinSmith Let it never be said I don't put my money where my mouth is: all over dem titties! Just donated $500.

ThatKevinSmith Via @montimer "real fucking classy dude. Arsehole" A titty-hater in our midst! Shun him! Shun the titty-hater! Dude, you're the only gripe.

ThatKevinSmith P.S. @montimer: BLOCKED like a bitch, you emo-licious, titty-hating crackpot. Seriously: what kinda asshole gripes about cancer fundraising?

ThatKevinSmith I'm more of an ass man, but until they start SAVE THE BROWNEYES, I'm about SAVING ALL THOSE FAT TITTIES!

ThatKevinSmith Via @boobiethon "Have you received your login for the uncovered boobies?" You mean there's even a REWARD for lovin' fun-bags?! LEMME SEE!

ThatKevinSmith Via @ShirtNinja "tweets & /. the site. means lots are interested in saving titties!" Why not? One more place to put ur dick!

ThatKevinSmith Via Angel "montimer was actually talking about this post: " Anti Gretzky-love? Even worse! SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER!

ThatKevinSmith Via @smartbunny "This whole SAVE TITTIES SO YOU CAN JIZZ ON'EM a way of getting assholes to care about breast cancer?" SHHHHH! S'working...

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