Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Instant okra's gonna get you

(No point to the title other than me liking the sound of it...)

Small, small world... what comes up in conversation at dinner tonight with married couple copperwise and tanuki_green but A) my time as a reporter and B) phobias to certain animals, and I bring up snakes and how I've had a several-foot-long snake draped around my shoulders when I was covering a reptile show, and both of them look at me and slowly say (and almost in sync) "Brad...?" Because copperwise worked with Brad Tylman and his Brad's World Reptiles company in Corvallis once upon a time! So yeah, she appreciates reptiles. Good reptiles, mind you...

Both of them appreciate good food, too. Tonight I treated them to dinner at the Delta Cafe, and we all want to get back to that place (tonight was the first meal there for all three of us) after our meals of fried catfish and bourbon-seared steak and collard greens and beans-and-rice-with-pork and sweetened tea (I'd need aoniedesade to tell me if it was a true sweet tea; she'd know) and more... oh yes, 'twas good. I arrived half an hour early just to peruse the menu and have some idea of what I'd like to eat. Which is another reason I want to go back! Yes, thumbs up.

Oh, and we all have military families in common: he and I were Navy Brats, and she was a...can you say "Special Forces Brat"? So we've all dealt with the moves and the different schools, especially in the South (I always kind of skirted the south; they both experienced it full-on).

I'm rambling. Most of my energy is going towards digestion. They were nice enough to give me a ride home. Oh, and I showed them pictures of mine (the s00j concert we all attended, Neil Gaiman's talk last fall, and my trip to Mt. St. Helens and Trojan), and Copperwise kept saying how that shot could be an icon, oh and that one, and that one...

...which means I might have actual graphical content on my LJ soon. Icons! I'll have to come up with a few good ones.
Tags: portland

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