Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Beef bliss w/ Beatles

Good night to crave Burgerville:

1) Got paid. Funds help.
2) Wanted a burger. I have about four burgers a year (gotta pace myself), so it’d better be good, and there’s a decent fast-food burger there.
3) The seasonal milkshake (or smoothie, take yer pick) right now is the chocolate hazelnut, and I inherited my mom’s taste for that nut.
4) Someone at the S.E. 26th & Powell Burgerville was nice enough to have the jukebox play 10 to 15 minutes of nothing but The Beatles. I mouthed along to Ringo’s yelling on “Yellow Submarine” (“Everyone of us! Has all we need! Sky of blue! Sea of green! In our yellow! Submarine, hah, hah!”)

Really. It’s stuff like this that makes me happy.
Tags: music, portland

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