Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Den-Idol Topic 0: Introductions

[Explain, I do: I'm unofficially trying my hand at therealljidol. I am NOT signed up as a possible-to-be-voted-out contestant, but I want to practice with at least some of the LJ Idol topics. This is the first. Well, technically, zeroth. P.S. My title "Den-Idol" is supposed to sound a little like "denied-ol." Oh, yes, I can overexplain.]

"Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What do I mean by 'who am I'?" So said the whale (in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).


I quote. I ramble. I read. I'm random. I've written. I'm single. I'm relatively deep-voiced and sometimes do goofy things with that voice. I walk many, many places. I have a neat family. I have neat friends. I was an intense, overly serious kid and now I'm still intense but I try to be goofier. I probably owe much of the current shape of my life to Monty Python, Star Wars, Star Trek, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman and Caitlin R. Kiernan. I'm a media geek: a former writer-reporter who tends to know lots of people in media. And I have a Van Dyke. (It's not a goatee! A goatee's just on the chin. A VanDyke is above and below the mouth!)

What else you wanna know? Some of it may be answered, either here or in late Den-Idol entries!

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