Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A day to recover

Today is a recovery day. Difficult, sometimes weird week: that's what I just had. But since getting home from work last night, I've:

* Happily, quickly visited with Mike Russell, who returned a couple of my CDs I'd let him borrow and then happily perused my eclectic film score collection;

* Happily, longly visited over the phone with elionwyr, who like me needed a pick-me-up;

* Happily slept;

* Happily listened to the Cort and Fatboy podcast, specifically their and Mike's long discussion about all sorts of film-, TV-, and Halloween-related thoughts*;

* Happily, unexpectedly got an e-mail I really didn't think I'd get (Cryptic Chris is cryptic);

* Happily realized I can TAKE IT EASY RIGHT NOW. Wanna nap? I nap. Wanna walk? I walk. Wanna nap more? I nap more.

Time for a good day.

* That's Part II of the Friday show. Want more? Here's Part I, including David "Bad Azz Mofo" Walker being bad-ass and funny.

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