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Holy crap:

Holy Crap Part 1: The Oregon Ducks are killing this half. Three touchdowns in four minutes! \o/

Holy Crap Part 2: There's a TV edit of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Which, based on the few minutes I saw, CAN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Now Seann William Scott gets thrown out for NO REASON (because the reason in the film is X-rated). George Carlin? Gone. What Jay does with the nun? Very gone. And that bad dubbing that plagued the actually-kind-of-genius Mallrats TV edit is, here, JUST BAD.

Most of Kevin Smith's work? AIN'T TV-FRIENDLY. If I watch more of this cut, I'm just going to cringe. (Jon Stewart's role is probably COMPLETELY gone.)

Added thought: And how did I forget about Mark Hamill as Cock Knocker? Probably also completely cut!
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