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Random notes and stuff:

* First...

Happy Dia De Las Madres!!!!

* At Saturday Market yesterday I saw for the first time an Italian miniature greyhound. Like these little ones (and I do mean little). Oh, the cute!

* My purchase at the market was a stash of magnets from the magnet-sign-selling woman who I've gone to a lot. I got more "Quilt Crossing" signs for my Aunt Nancy Weare, as she's part of a quilting circle, and an "Old Fisherman Crossing" sign for Uncle Bill Weare. The woman selling them also was happy to learn that the "Pelican Crossing" and "Cockroach Crossing" magnets I bought from her are in their intended place on the fridge of writer Poppy Z. Brite and chef and husband Chris DeBarr. Yes, she and I have added to their flair!

* The Uncanny (Tualatin River) Valley: I have no photos to convey the disturbish-ness, so please take my word for it. I still get a little freaked out at a series of ads a gardening business has installed along Tualatin-Sherwood Road south of here, a road I sometimes drive on when heading out to see my folks. The ads are cardboard cutouts of people standing, kneeling, and smiling, and they're exactly life-size and made with perspective tricks to make them look like real people...standing way too fixedly...on the sides of the road. They get me every time, and maybe I'm worried someone's really over there ready to jump into traffic or something else awful. And then I remember it's just an ad. But I'm still weirded out.

* Film music nooz: I like Hans Zimmer more now that I learned (via sweinberg) that the British film ratings board insisted on toning down the soundtrack to The DaVinci Code, including Zimmer's score, to make it less disturbing (or the film would've gotten a rating of 15+, stronger than a PG-13 but not as strong as an R). Yes, Hans's music was too scary for somebody! He's got to be proud.
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