Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The State of the Chris, Wednesday Edition


That's what I did when I was just about to write this entry's first line. Seemed right to quote that.

Seems later in the week than it really is. Must mean this has been a long week already.

I'll be cryptic about something good: Something good happened tonight. Or at least something that feels good, and promising. Gives me something to think about. Now I want to be non-tired enough to think more clearly about it.

'Cause yeah, I'm tired, and tired of being tired. I could use some sort of vacation. Haven't had a real vacation, due to my own decisions, since my East Coast trip in August-September 2008. (My time out of work last February through April? Not a vacation.) I accept that, as I said, I decided to do what I've done this year, but the urge to just ask someone to Take Care Of Me and let me not have to do anything is -- heh, notable. And I can tell that's not healthy, so I don't do it. Or doable, which is another reason not to do it. But I'll recharge. I'll find a way to do that. Meanwhile, thank you, guys, for making me laugh good laughs and think thoughtful thoughts.

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