Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Get the good stuff

One of my tags is Creme de la Chris. I use it for entries I'm especially proud of. It's not a Best Of collection, because the criteria for a Creme de la Chris addition is very subjective: it can be thoughtful, it can be amusing, it could be 1,000 words or 10. I just have to think it's Something Special.

I haven't added to Creme de la Chris in a while.

I hope my writing gets Creme de la Chris-worthy again soon. In the meantime, maybe take a read of some of those entries, why don't ya?

In other news, dinner was scrambled eggs so I could use some more milk before throwing out what was left of the milk. And comfort food seemed a good idea tonight.

  • Working. It’s working.

    Starting last Thursday, I’ve been going to work. I’m now wrapping up my first weekend of this job. Of, you could say, Job 2.0, because I’m back as a…

  • This deserves large text

    I’m about to work again. I’m headed back to valet at the airport. I may have more to say tomorrow.

  • A little truth, at the moment:

    I'm missing my job and I'm missing the airport.

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