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Time once again, and it's a good time to be this time once again I tell you, to read a lot.

I've been reading in a very specific way: going through piles of books I've had for years and deciding not just if I like the book, but whether I want to keep or get rid of it. A bag is filling up with books I'll either sell (if possible) or donate somewhere.

The only book I've read lately that I've decided to keep was C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters; it was my second time reading it, and I decided This is a book I'll probably read a third time, and more times.

This means I've been borrowing fewer books from the library, because they wouldn't count towards the goal, which is HAVE FEWER BOOKS. I need less stuff in general.

So this week I've read Robert Sheckley's The 10th Victim (it's "The Most Dangerous Game," LEGAL! Hunt humans for fun!) and right now its prequel, Hunter/Victim. Witty, dark, and amused: Sheckley seemed to have fun writing these books.

Next in the read pile is Summerland, which will be my first Michael Chabon novel. Yes, I've yet to read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. That book doesn't fit the criteria of "I already have a copy and I need to decide whether or not to keep it." There are PLENTY of books that do. Gee, you're surprised I have a lot of them?

I remember being in this mode back in 2001, after I'd moved into a basement bedroom; that was my first home in Portland, and (at the time) the smallest place I'd lived in that wasn't a college dorm. So I needed to get rid of stuff. I had a whole shelf of books to be given away. I was powering through books then, and feeling really satisfied about then taking them off that shelf and schlepping them in bags to the library to donate.

Books, books, books, always books... I'll never be out of books...
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