Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Horn Girl at the Haunt

There was a woman at Fright Town whom I’m going to call Horn Girl. She walked through the common area between the three haunts, wearing a clown mask and not saying anything but carrying and honking a horn.

And when she came up to me and honked, I honked back. I can make a honking sound. I honked with inflection, like I was speaking. She honked back. We honked at each other, and then I exultingly raised my fists up near my face and went “Yay!” I acted like we‘d had a communications breakthrough. She looked satisfied and walked off to follow and honk at other people.

(Later, I went back to her and said, “I feel I should apologize, because I lied: I don’t really speak Honk.” I think she was fine with that.)

(By the way, Horn Girl? Kind of cute. I think. From what I could see. The mask hid a lot, but her body language? Her long socks? Cute.)

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