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The closest I’ll ever get to imitating Setsuled

Sliding on concrete’s a rare-needed skill.
The Wilhelm Scream’s an odd choice for fish.
You can’t get drunk on chewed daffodil.
A stack of fresh newsprint should never go “squish.”
Dancing is weirder when it’s done with monkeys;
The sexual tension is knocked down to “none.”
A trip to a restaurant is better with flunkies.
Your right stays your right even after you’re spun.
You juggle with scissors, you’re going to get sliced
But it will be worth it next time you give blood.
To warmer, more dry climes we’ll all be enticed
To learn the nutritional value of cud.
And with these last lines I shall now put abed
This day’s odd attempt to sound like Setsuled.
Tags: poetical

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