Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

At least I'm just embarrassed, not screwed.

This is me doing something I do my best not to do: just slightly allude to something and say "I'm not going to talk about it. At least not yet."

Monday night, I did something stupid. Really stupid. Entitled-dumb-unthinkingly stupid. I nearly ruined a great chance for myself. I also imposed enough stress on myself by what I'd done that I didn't sleep Monday night. At all. That I was functional and helpful Tuesday without benefit of caffeine was some sort of miracle.

Things are working out. My dumbassery is being repaired. I'm catching up on my sleep. And I think I've learned one FREAKING GIGANTIC lesson.

There. Alluded to without going into too much detail. I felt not saying anything at all would be dishonest, the worse option in my mind. Fear not, I'll write more about other stuff. In entries you can actually comment on (I've disabled comments, which I've done maybe once before).

And for good measure: *headdesk* Really. Head just connected with desk. Keeping myself honest.

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