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And events contine to turn...

...and things don't seem as apocalyptic as they did a few hours ago.

I'm back from the bar thing at the Horse Brass Pub. That was a NEEDED bar thing. I have fish, chips, and 20 oz. (two glasses' worth) of beer in me, after much visiting with Cort Webber, Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts, and many fans and friends of them. They're keeping perspective and a sense of humor about what happened. Their severance pay helps, too.

Some of the radio bloodletting got detailed in close-to-real-time at the Save The Rick Emerson Show blog, resuscitated for today's events. I've heard other stuff since then that WILL NOT BE REPEATED, but the now-unemployed people know they have many, many people in their corner. This is a setback, but it should work out for them.

By the way, there will be at least one piece of photo proof that I was there, once Mike Russell has a chance to get pics online. *grin*

Thank you, Portland media geeks, for being there for each other.
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