Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me, the 2007/ 2008/ early '09/ mid '09/ late '09 edition

Seen via anno_superstar:
Post a link to your entries on this day two years ago, last year, nine months ago, six months ago, three months ago and one month ago. If there was no entry on that day, link the closest date.
Two years ago, I lusted after comic characters, prepared to see Blade Runner on the big screen, was all miscellaneous, and detailed my fondness for the music of Danny Elfman.

One year ago, I headed to Dundee to visit my folks, was impressed by strange buildings, rocked to orchestral Metallica, and ate well with the folks.

Nine months ago, I was happy to have read World War Z. (Here's the direct link to that review.)

Six months ago, I got all contemplative about how time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future, briefly got confused over how one pronounced the Net-word "HAI", and made Robert Plant say "bacon."

Three months ago, I...whoa, I wrote a bunch of entries! I won't link them individually. I'll instead explain that I was reading along to friends doing Blogathon, the 24-hour journal-writing marathon, and posting in the meantime. (I did take a break to attend "Trek in the Park.")

One month ago, I celebrated Dawn Taylor's birthday, fretted over not feeling funny, added to those humor thoughts, and said the term "man-cleavage."
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