Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Nooo, not THAT mother-scratcher! Bill PARKER!"

Beating the bushes a little earlier than normal, due to unusual circumstances (i.e. people I like getting fired and not having their usual ways of promoting these):

On Friday, Nov. 6th, Cort and Fatboy (who still own Cort and Fatboy Dot Com, though its hosting is switching to something not controlled by KUFO so who knows where it'll wind up) will show their next Midnight Movie.

Raising Arizona is what it is.

I'll repeat that larger: Raising Arizona. With its pre-opening credits sequence that a friend of mine once called "the best 15 minutes of footage the Coen Brothers have ever shot." With relatively early bat-crap crazy Nicolas Cage. With Holly Hunter ably adding to the insanity. With its Jews Harp-and-yodeling score that was my first exposure to good guy/good composer Carter Burwell. With its infamous who-talks-like-this?-but-it's-still cool patois that, among many other things about the flick, drove Roger Ebert to distraction (he's never liked the film). With its chase sequence halfway through that, no lie, I laughed at so hard that I started to unsettle my stomach. With that tattoo. With maybe the shortest wedding scene in movie history (I love "You bet I do"). With camera techniques that the Coen Brothers got from their friend Sam Raimi and his first Evil Dead. With the first appearance (if you look carefully) of the Coen Brothers term "Hudsucker." With a textbook example of POLYAMORY: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. With surprising dream sequences. With that cactus. And with more.

So. Raising Arizona. Friday, Nov. 6th at the Bagdad Theater and Pub. If all goes as the previous screenings have done, doors will open at 10, the movie will start at 11. Tickets $3.

Biology and the prejudices of others WILL NOT prevent me from attending.
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