Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Must. Resist. Recycling!

Because I needed it to prove I'm me and get a new driver's license, I am currently in possession of my original birth certificate. Mom brought it Saturday when she visited; I used it at the DMV today; and now... I'm terrified that I'll leave it upside-down or folded the right way so that it looks like random paper that needs to be recycled. I also was terrified of this since Saturday when I first got possession of it. That would be Typical Me, throwing out the one thing I need...

In other news, I'm in possession of a new driver's license photo; the DMV issued me a paper version of my coming-soon driver's license, after punching a hole through the one I've had since October 2001 to show that that one's about to expire and be replaced. I decided to keep my Van Dyke beard for this photo. My 2001 photo? No facial hair. My first Oregon driver's license in 1994? I think I had some facial hair (I *was* in college at the time and enjoying having successful facial hair. Ah, the time in my life I was most gloriously close to being a goddamn filthy hippie...until Alicia and I hooked up and Alicia made it clear she preferred me clean-shaven). I decided that nowadays, I have the Van Dyke more often than not, so it seemed right to keep it. I also made sure my expression in the license photo was more neutral than the photo of me from 2001. I look at that one, I think They're coming to take me away, ha ha, they're coming to take me away... Um, yeah, I look a little...manic.

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