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Many of you may stop reading me now: I enjoyed the first Twilight film.

Not loved-enjoyed, not enjoying-it-by-hating-on-it sort of enjoyed, but I can get what it was trying to do. (As I did with the book it's based on, even with its first-novel issues.) The film and the cast starring in it are earnest, though not serious-to-the-point-of-grave serious, as the book it's based on isn't 100% serious-to-the-point-of-grave serious, either. There is a sense of humor to the book, and in its own way the film. I'm no Twihard, I'm no Twater (Twilight hater! Is there a term for that?); instead I tried to see this as a film, not a phenomenon. Can't quite disconnect one from the other at this point. Still, I mostly liked it. This isn't a helpful review, but most of you already have your own thoughts on this flick, so I probably wasn't going to add anything scintillating by now. I do like that there are no obvious antagonists among the students at Bella's high school; like in the book, they're teenagers with their own personal hangups (mmmmaybe a little standard-issue high-school-angst-y hangups, plus I'm not sure if they're anywhere near realistic; does anyone in reality actually say "Chillax"?), but you can find something to like in each of them. The nomadic vampires take care of the villain stuff well enough.

I'm enough of an Oregon geek to enjoy the Oregon and Washington sights used in this film, even though it was hard to shoot the film here (part of why the sequels moved to Vancouver, B.C.). I'm hoping the film version of The Road made good use of this beautiful part of the country; we still need to live down films as bad as Body of Evidence and as mediocre as The Hunted shooting here.

I more thoroughly enjoyed the behind-the-scenes docs, which I hadn't thought at first that I'd even watch, but hey, more Oregon/Washington footage at least! Plus I like behind-the-scenes details. I knew (more than you'd think) that it was a crazy, difficult production, and the cast and crew needed to keep their sense of humor; looks like they did. And I've finally (thanks to the DVD) seen some of the madness of the cast's San Diego Comic Con appearance, and the they-must've-wished-they'd-brought-earplugs level of screaming fans screamed for them. (I'm relieved that the screaming at the Jantzen Beach event I went to last August wasn't as loud.)

By the way, it doesn't hurt that that's one pretty attractive cast. I'm still trying to decide if Alice Cullen is my type. Maybe. (I'm trying not to be creepy towards Ashley Greene, who plays her.) Maybe Rachelle LeFevre's another of my types, too, just not evil like her character Victoria is. I'll assume she's not evil...
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