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Hey! I've seen this guy! a.k.a. Planting the Seed

Because my LJ isn't equipped with audio, you haven't heard me giggle each time I've referenced a little something called "Happy Noodle Versus Sad Noodle."

It's a song on the playlist of Greasy Kids' Stuff, which I've been listening to Saturday mornings and which I wrote about here. It's sung by a guy named Logan Whitehurst. And it tickled me. (Not literally.)

Here's the thing: For reasons at least one person reading this will know, I was searching for the song's lyrics for link-making purposes, and reached the singer's site, and realized "Hey! I've seen this guy!" Logan Whitehurst was the live musical guest one night during the February 2004 music series at Portland's Reed College, hosted by Dr. Demento. As in "I gave 'Weird Al' Yankovic his big break" Dr. Demento. I went to all four nights of that series, covering (on different nights) the songs and bands that influenced The Beatles, censored songs, the music of Frank Zappa, and Dr. Demento's Festival of Dementia or whatever it was called, the last night with a grab-bag of great joke music. And Whitehurst played it. (Including the song with the lyric "O-H-M-Y-G-O-D-I-M-O-N-F-I-R-E"...)

Not only was that one of the good things that happened to me during the (frankly) awful period of late 2003/early 2004 (marked by deaths in the family, getting fired, the '04 Ice Storm and other difficulties), it planted the seed of me becoming a fan of a radio show, and hearing that song, and thus hearing that guy again...and finally becoming a fan.

That appearance planted a seed.

I've figured out various entertainers and pieces of entertainment that I first saw momentarily as a kid and found again later. I'm fond of George Clooney, and the first thing I saw him in was his 1984 sitcom E/R. (Think I'm kidding? Check this out.) I really like Mike Myers (the first Austin Powers is a good go-to film when I want to giggle, and I still quote his SNL lines "If it's not Scottish, it's CRRRAP!" or "I'm Middle-Aged Man! Ahhhhhhh!"), and it turned out I once saw one of his kid roles from Canadian TV, because in 1983 Nickelodeon was showing a LOT of Canadian TV. (All I remember is that the show included a model train driving off a broken model bridge.) And my first exposure to Terry Gilliam was probably from flipping through the cable channels and happening upon the scene in Time Bandits where the giant emerges from the sea.

Deja vu can happen anywhere, dude.

(Oh, and the lyrics? They're here. "Happy! Noodle! Versus Sad Noodle! Happy! Noodle! Versus Sad, Sad Noodle!")
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