Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


I continue to feel my way into this job. I'm calling it "the test job": I really am doing it on a sort-of-trial basis. Going to see if I can actually do it. Each day I've worked so far has been not quite the same; on Tuesday, we had hacksaws out cutting off the ends of these long aluminum tubes that hold rolled-up banners, because what are supposed to be the ends of the tubes had in fact been pushed a half-inch or inch down into them and couldn't be pulled back out. Took some elbow grease and (for one of them) a co-worker holding the tube's other end. "I feel like I'm auditioning for Mythbusters," I said.

I'll keep trying different duties, and doing my best to be good at them. I have two particular goals: 1) Don't take this job for granted. 2) Don't let this job make me crazy. Having recently ended a job that was making me crazy, I know even more than usual that this is VERY important.

In other, and very good, news, Cat and Dmitri's not-so-excellent adventure in Germany is getting resolved and they'll get to be in Russia for a few days. Power of the Internet, folks. Use it for good.

In more neutral news, I was surprised that last night I dreamed about, among other things, a Robert Asprin Myth book that never got written. I actually got a little sad at that. Those are fun books, and Asprin died too young. The book had a baby Pervect -- or maybe a Pervect little person -- on the cover. My mind, it comes up with...stuff.
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