Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Portland geek meet-ups!

Two gatherings of Portland geekdom coming up tonight and tomorrow:

* Tonight: The triumphant return of Stephanie Stricklen! She's a well-liked KGW Channel 8 anchor who's been on maternity leave, and keeping a lot of us entertained via Twitter during her early adventures as a new mother.

Her main KGW job is as host of the 7 p.m. Live on the Square, so called because it's both live and broadcast from Pioneer Courthouse Square downtown. And a bunch of us will be in the Square to cheer her on when she broadcasts again.

* Tomorrow: Raising Arizona. The first post-KUFO edition of the Cort and Fatboy Midnight Movie*. Doors will open at 10 Friday night, the film will start around 11, there will be beer and food and hanging-out, there will be Rick Emerson as a guest, and there will be more. All for just $3 admission.

* Fatboy Explains The Name: "okay, so: Midnight movie USED to start at midnight. 1) OLCC bitched about long-movies pushing past 2:30 2) people fell asleep. ...So we moved em to 11pm. You're still in the theater at midnight, hence we stuck with the alliterative name. I'm also not fat."
Tags: midnight movies, portland

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