Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Time to dig out a song to amuse a recent birthday celebrant, my friend Anna Rose Johnson (rafaela):

“The Lord of Time”

(Sung to the tune of Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time.” Lyrics by Peter David. Used with permission. Originally published Feb. 26th, 1993. Lots of “oowas“ and such should be tossed in to make it really effective.)

For a Lord of Time!
For a Lord of Time!

When I next return from time and space,
I might have a somewhat different face.
Don’t start debating;
I’ve been off regenerating
That only happens for a Lord of Time.

When fighht my enemies again,
Master, Dalek, or the Cybermen,
It won’t surprise me,
When thery do not recognize me
That is a hazard for a Lord of Time.

For a Lord of Time!
For a Lord of Time!

Be it body five, four, three, or two,
Inside I’m still Doctor you-know-who
When change is urgin’,
I don’t call some plastic surgeon.
No one does a face job like a Lord of Time.

When I opt to trade in some parts,
I say to myself,
“Hold on to your hearts.”
Each time I seem younger than before.
If this keeps up much more
I’ll wind up wearing Pampers.

I don’t know where akll the time has gone.
Seems like yesterday the show came on.
I keep on travelin’,
Although my scarf’s unravelin’.
I just get off on being Lord of Time.

Year in, year out, year without end,
I’ve traveled alone
Sometimes with a friend,
Stewardess, savage, robots and boys,
And now they’re action toys
You can find in your K-Mart.

Don’t know how much longer I will last
Maybe someday my time will have passed.
Until that day comes
I’ll keep on dodging ray guns
And go on living as a Lord of Time.
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