Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"Anti-Soccer Whines...One in a Series"

From writer, film critic, and passionate sports fan Shawn Levy: a damn fine explanation for why so many people love soccer, posted for those who don't get it but are willing to think about why:
For one thing, football is hard. You are playing on a vast field (an entire NBA court can fit in the 18-yard box) and must use your feet to attack a goal opening of only 24-by-8 feet defended by 11 guys, the last of whom is free to use his hands to stop you. This would be challenging if you could pick up the ball and run with or throw it, or if you could stop play every few moments to strategize, or if you could substitute specialist players in and out of the game -- all of which happen in other games-with-balls.

But football is the most fluid and ceaseless game, and feet are less reliable than hands, and goalkeepers are generally big and springy fellows, and goalposts and crossbars often seem designed to repel shots rather than spin them into the net.

...So, yeah, it's difficult to score at all in football and particularly with the other team intent on stopping you. But why is that acceptable? And how are 1-0 and 0-0 results involving two teams trying not to lose supposed to be good entertainment?

Well, I can tell you what it's like from the perspective of an invested fan.
And he does. Read the whole thing, if you please. There are better quotes than the above that I don't want to give away.
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