Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Filter? I barely knew 'er.

Part of my current job involves online research. I'm also at my first place of employment with internet filters: that wasn't yet an issue at the Hermiston Herald back in the late 90s (which reminds me of the intern who got in trouble for looking up serial killer info on the editor's computer. How did the intern get caught? HE PRINTED IT OUT AND LEFT IT) and OHSU, my last long-term job, was very open in its online policy: if you weren't looking at porn or accidentally snagging viruses, the hospital's IT guys didn't really care where you went. That and the acknowledged downtime that often happened on that job is why I blogged a lot from work.

I won't be blogging from this job; social sites are filtered, plus I'm pretty busy. But to quote popfiend, I told you all that to tell you this:

I clicked on a link that was, at least according to Google, a link to a school district's business contact page. Got blocked. Reason, displayed in the "we've blocked this" message: somewhere on this business contact page was the word "fuck."

Unexpected profanity For The Surprise! And it amused me to suddenty see "fuck" on a business computer during business hours.

Anyway. That was (I hope) an amusing anecdote.

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