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Oh, and dessert was a "mini chocolate cube." How mathematical! And tasty.

It was a belated birthday dinner, and it was worth being belated. The folks treated me (and themselves) to Papa Haydn, which has a SE Portland restaurant about half a mile to a mile south of my place. Breaded clams, butternut and acorn squash, and collard greens conspired for TASTINESS. I gave them updates on my home life and my work life, Dad eyed the open kitchen's stainless steel pans (ah, one mark of a cook; Dad's done most of their cooking since he retired), Mom teased me about my eating habits, and all three of us noticed that our waitress was really cute. They updated me on my nephews, who they visited around Halloween: the kids are both in Cub Scouts and Eric, the younger-by-minutes one, is playing soccer. They also let me know who's been hired and who's been fired in our family. (NOT fired FROM THE FAMILY. We're not like that.)

They know more now, I know more now, and we're all satiated. And now I'm warm and at home.

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