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Technology ROCKS.

This computer I'm getting to use can do what no other piece of equipment I've had has managed: played a particular scratched CD of mine.

Not just any scratched CD, a rare one: Danny Elfman's score to Wisdom, one of the first film scores he wrote (his fourth, based on his IMDb listing). I'd bought a copy back in the mid-90s when I was being as-completist-as-possible about Elfman music, and then I played it, and the poor CD player I had at the time -- about as old as the film, in fact -- banged against the wall of the Scratch You Shall Not Pass. It would get stuck about halfway through the 6-minute opening track and just keep smashing against it. Painful to hear. No other track was hobbled like that, but it was frustrating hearing it start that way. So I didn't listen to the CD much. For years. Tried it on later computers and stereos; same Fail each time.

Tonight I'd played another film score CD (James Newton Howard's throw-every-instrument-at-the-film-and-see-what-sticks score to Waterworld) on this computer, and when putting back that disc I noticed Wisdom and thought Why not? Maybe it'll play. So I put it in. And played it. AND IT PLAYED. No interruption! No DJ-scratching wannabe moments! I listened to that whole track uninterrupted and let it go on from there.

By the way, Windows Media Player is picking up info from this CD that I didn't think you'd get from a CD pressed in the Eighties: the program knows it's Wisdom by Danny Elfman. It even pulled up the CD's cover art by the time Track 2 had started. It didn't pull up the track titles, but I wasn't expecting anything: I was just expecting "Unknown Song" and "Unknown Composer" and stuff like that. I like when technology positively surprises me.

*keeps grooving to Elfman's synthesized bizarrities*

Cool score, cool circumstances in which I'm playing it.
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