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This post brought to you by KINK FM's "KINK A to Z" playing lots of "Love" songs this morning

When people do Air Guitar, they almost never do Air Acoustic Guitar, do they?

It's almost always electric. Probably because there's license to be showier, all Marty-McFly-on-stage-with-Marvin-Berry-at-the-Enchantment-Under-the-Sea-dance, without, of course, the guitar. Just strumming, the way people often do with acoustic guitar, ain't as flashy.

I've done that. In Grade 12 English we got talking about love stories and love songs and how on-the-nose obvious they can be, and without warning even to myself I mimed playing a guitar (mimed badly, I'll admit, but I have almost no experience on guitar) and improvised "My love, I love to give love, and love you, my love..." I didn't know it at the time, because that was 1991 or 1992 and Adam Sandler wasn't yet well-known, but it was kind of an Adam-Sandler-on-guitar kind of moment. Which was and can be kind of cute. But Air Guitar ain't usually cute.

P.S. Now I can totally picture s00j doing Acoustic Air Guitar. And doing it well and showily.
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