Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

A sort of sorting

I must neat-ify my place, damnit!

For one thing, I'll need room for a gift: Because tanuki_green is one of those blessed people who enjoys rebuilding computers, he and his wife copperwise have been kind enough to pass to me a computer they're no longer using. He'll rebuild it and wipe its memory. They'll thrown in a monitor to replace the somewhat fuzzy-around-the-edges screen my cousins in Dayton salvaged from their attic a few years ago.

My current computer is from, I believe, 1997. The monitor might be even older; there's no way to tell. (But perhaps it's like the old CD player I dismantled back in 2002 when it finally broke, and I found a little plaque saying that it had been built in 1986. Yes, that player played for 16 years!)

Y'know, I realize it's almost perverse that I talk about my photography here yet have next to no graphical content; this newer computer will be a great way to correct that. More image storage! Quicker loading of said photos! Add in scanners I can use, and I can start showing off my photographical side.

All this because of the generosity of friends. (See this entry's comments for my flummox-iation at copperwise breaking the news.)

So: Making things neater. More sorted. Getting rid of the non-needed. Story of my life. Or at least my weekends...

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