Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blood for Good Mood

It was good in a few ways that I donated blood this morning.

I felt the need to do something life-affirming, and I did so.

Today is the last day of the University of Oregon-Oregon State University Civil War blood drive, so my pint counts towards UO's bid for this year's blood donation bragging rights. Go Ducks!

The donation center fed us well today: Krispy Kreme had donated not just the usual glazed, but also creme-filled doughnuts. Score. And there was an actual lunch offering: you could make soft tacos. I had a little tortilla, some beans, shredded chicken, onions, a bit of rice, and green salsa. I felt full enough that I went straight home, instead of stopping to eat as I usually do post-donation. I'll have a special meal later.

Oh, and one of the volunteers was cute in a "young Stephenie Meyer" way.

I'm going to let myself take a nap now. Wearing a sweatshirt, for extra warmth.
Tags: blood

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