Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Death of the Death of Venice

The citizens of Venice stage a mock funeral for their city.
For some time, the people behind the passionately pro-Venice website have promised that they would do something to show their pain if the city’s population dropped below 60,000. The exodus of real Venetians is recorded weekly in an illuminated display – the Venetian-counter – in the window of the Morelli pharmacy at Rialto. This month, for the first time, we are down to 59,984. The streets of Venice each day now hold fewer Venetians than tourists. maintains that Venice has not died a natural death but been assassinated by mismanagement, greed and stupidity. It comes down to housing. If the city does not provide houses for young couples, how can young couples provide new Venetians for the city?

In response to the sinking numbers, decided to do what Venice has always done in extremis: throw a masked party, in which the macabre would mix with the ironic, the burlesque with the profound...

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